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Floor Buying Tips

A flooring upgrade can add significant value to your home, and now is the perfect time to choose new flooring. Our fully stocked warehouse showroom is open to all area homeowners, and our flooring experts are ready to advise you on the benefits of new flooring for any room. Take advantage of our free in-home measurement and expert installation on all new floors.


Order Flooring with Ultimate Confidence

To help you choose from our wide selection, our showroom uses the Five Star Selection System. This independent rating system classifies all of our types of flooring by quality and length of warranty. Homeowners count on this convenient system to find the best coverage for their new floor at the price that matches their budget. From One Star to Five Star, all of our flooring options come from our network of trusted manufacturers, and our industry-leading warranties are second-to-none.


Flooring Samples for Guaranteed Benefits

Our warehouse offers thousands of flooring options and ready-to-order flooring options from which to choose, and our flooring specialists assist you every step of the way—from selection to installation. As a locally-owned-and-operated business, we understand the needs of the local housing market, allowing us to give useful advice on the best flooring to improve your home’s resale appeal and market value.


We offer numerous styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, and have flooring samples available for you to take home and match up with your existing décor. Along with flooring products, we provide the right pad, subfloor, and backing material to protect your investment. Talk to us about a free consultation and measurement with a guaranteed flooring purchase.


Best Flooring Quotes on All Types of Flooring

As a member of a 500-store nationwide flooring network, we use our buying influence to negotiate the best prices on all of our flooring options and pass the savings on to you. This allows us to provide unbeatable prices directly to consumers, and lets you shop with confidence.


For your 100% satisfaction, count on our 30-day Price Protection Guarantee on all of our flooring. If you can find a lower price on the same style or brand of flooring, we will happily refund the difference in price. Come in to take a look at the following high-quality flooring in our showroom:


-        Carpet

-        Hardwood

-        Tile

-        Vinyl Flooring

-        Laminate Flooring


Warm and Inviting Carpet

Choose carpet flooring for its coziness, comfort, and classic aesthetic. Our selection of durable, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant carpets upgrade the livability and style of any room at a price to match any budget. Our store offers a wide variety of high-quality brands in carpet manufacturers, including:


-        Tigressa™

-        Resista™

-        Innovia™

-        Just Shorn™

-        Hearth & Home™

-        Gibraltar™

-        Stainmaster™

-        Beaulieu™


Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Natural or engineered hardwood flooring is a popular choice for a flooring upgrade that adds sophistication to any décor. Solid hardwood provides the classic look that makes any room look great. Hardwood floors are always impressive, and send a clear signal of quality to potential buyers of your home.


One of the most popular applications for solid hardwood is the living room, where the natural pattern of the hardwood will create an illusion of a larger space without additional maintenance costs. For areas of high humidity or rooms with expected water exposure, homeowners turn to engineered hardwood. This flooring option is created from several varieties of hardwood compressed together, minimizing the natural expansion and contraction of this wood flooring. Our hardwood flooring is selected from only the finest sources, and offers the following benefits:


-        Long Lifespan

-        Allergen Free

-        Refinishing Capabilities

-        Resists Fading

-        Available in Many Species & Finishes


Stylish & Durable Tile Flooring

Our warehouse carries a variety of long-lasting tile flooring, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tile. Tile provides many advantages in durability and resistance to wear. Because tile flooring resists scratches, stains, and other damage, it is particularly suited for active households.


Another distinct advantage of tile flooring is its ease of installation. Our expert installers can add tile efficiently and accurately at any grade. The lifetime of a tile floor is dramatically increased by the ease of repair and the proper installation. A damaged tile can be individually replaced, making repairs easy and inexpensive.


Vinyl Flooring Options Include LVT & Plank

Vinyl is the flexible option in flooring for any room. It is especially suitable for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or hallways. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, and a daily sweeping along with regular mopping is often sufficient to keep your new floor looking great for a lifetime. We stock many colors, patterns, and textures of luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, as well as luxury sheet vinyl from quality manufacturers. Today’s vinyl is growing in popularity because of its quality and ability to resemble high-end flooring.


Laminate Flooring Mimics Hardwood & Stone

Homeowners appreciate laminate flooring because it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, and is often printed to mimic natural materials such as stone or hardwood. This flexibility is combined with extreme durability, making laminate floors one of the most durable flooring options at a great price per square foot.


New Flooring Installation

Once you’ve chosen your great new floors, rely on us for efficient, accurate installation. The first step is scheduling an in-home measurement. These measurements will allow us to order exactly the right amount of flooring you need. After this, our installation experts will come on the scheduled day to perform the installation.


All of our flooring installation is covered by our lifetime installation guarantee. We will make good any flooring-related issue at our expense for the lifetime of your new floor. Our Four and Five Star flooring options are additionally covered by our Ultimate Confidence™ Guarantee. You’ll have 60 to 90 days after installation to decide if you are absolutely satisfied by your floor. If not, we will replace it with a floor of equal or greater value, including all labor costs.